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Part # Description
CC-03-CMBPinnacle Center Mast Base
CC10CMPinnacle Center Mast Pole 10 X 10
CC15CMPinnacle Center Mast Pole 15 X 15
CC10CPinnacle Cross Cable For 10 X 10
CC15CPinnacle Cross Cable For 15 X 15
CCPPSPPinnacle Peak Star Patch
CC04STPinnacle Side T Fitting
CCAST80Pinnacle Spreader 15 X 15
ACAHP0875Plug; Asphalt 7/8-" 320/Case
AC-AHP-1125Plug, Asphalt Hole 1 1/8-IN BX/176
ACCPG163PCPole, 16'(3PC)Galvanized Center
CC-PPPole Pin (J)
ACRPP375X600Polypropylene Rope 3/8INX600FT
ACRPP500X600Poly Rope 1/2"X600'
C10Z30X60Premiere High Peak Pole Tent
OTCPKIT10CPPresto 10FT Center Pole Kit,
OTCPKIT15CPPresto 15FT Center Pole Kit,
OTCHWAP030Presto 24IN Anchor Pins
OTCHWCP114Presto 3 Piece Center Pole 114"
OTCHWCP144Presto 4 Piece Center Pole

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