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Part # Description
HOSE SHIELDPlastic Hose Cover 1500' 4 Mil.
59-417Super Zip .017 Orifice
59-521Super Zip .021 Orifice
59-621Super Zip .021 Orifice
59-821Super Zip .021 Orifice
5901-FSuper Zip Fits ASM & Airlessco
69-411Uni Tip .011 Orifice
69-315Uni Tip .015 Orifice
69-417Uni Tip .017 Orifice
69-617Uni Tip .017 Orifice
69-623Uni Tip .023 Orifice
249303Uni Tip Base-F Thread
55-319Zip Tip .019 Orifice
55-521Zip Tip .021 Orifice
5701-FZip Tip Base For ASM & Airlessco
5501-GZip Tip Base For Titan & Graco Gun

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