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Bosch Carbide - Steel & Carbide

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Part # Description
HC5015Bit, Shank(CT) 9/16-INX8-INX13 SDS
HC2309Bosch SDS-Plus Tapcon Anchor Drive
HC89Centering Bit A Taper
HC88Centering Bit Notched W/Pin
HC2031S4' - SDS-Plus Shank Bit (CT)
HC2097S4' - SDS-Plus Shank Bit (CT)
HC2068'S4'-SDS-Plus Shank Bit (CT) 3/8-IN
HC5005SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5010SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5011SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5013SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5020SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5021SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5030SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5031SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5033SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5040SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5041SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5050SDS-Max Carbide Bit
HC5051SDS-Max Carbide Bit

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