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Bosch Special Order - Concrete

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Part # Description
GSA18V-125N18V 1-1/4-IN Multi-Grip
GDX18V-1800CB1518V Brushless Socket Ready Impact
GDX18V-1800CB2518V Brushless Socket Ready Impact
GSR18V-755CB2518V Brute Tough Drill Driver
HTH181-B2518V High Torque Impact Wrench W/
CCS180B18V Lithium Ion Circular Saw
GWS8-454-1/2-IN Angle Grinder - 7.5 Amp
GBM9-165/8-IN Spade Handle Drill Mixer
GWS10-45DEAngle Grinder 4-1/2" 10 Amp
GWS10-45PEAngle Grinder 4-1/2" 10AMP
CW03Bosch Tool Bag
GBA18V40CORE18V 4.0 Ah Compact Battery
GXS18V-15N15CORE18V Starter Kit 4AH Battery &
GXS18V-15N15-KCORE18V Starter Kit W/Bag 4AH
GXS18V-12N14CORE18V Starter Kit W/Bag 8AH
GTC400CGTC400C 12V Thermal Camera
HTH181BHigh Torque Impact Wrench W/Pin
GRL4000-80CHVKRotary Laser 18V HV Kit
GBH18V-26DNSDS-Plus Brushless D-Handle Rotary
GBH18V-26SDS-Plus Brushless Rotary Hammer

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