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Part # Description
HW6SWGGrommets #6, 25/PK
FASTRP01SInner Leg, Steel F/Fast Shade
FASTRP03AInner Peak Pole, Alum.
ACHDAP1I35Insert 1FT With Swage, 18IN Overall
ACMDAP1I2375Insert 1' With 6" Swage
ACMDAP2I2375Insert 2' With 6" Swage
639854Open #
737877Open #
FASTRP02SOuter Leg, Steel
FASTRP04AOuter Peak Pole, Alum.
CCPPB35Peak Plastic Bowl
FASTRP05SPerimeter Spreader, Steel
CCCMSPPinacle Shoulder Pin Center Mast
CCPNBPin & Bail F/ Use With CC-03-CMB
ACPHP00Pin Hole Patch 4 OZ White
CC-AST96Pinnacle 8FT Leg
CC-AST111Pinnacle 9FT 3IN Spreader
CC-25AST111Pinnacle 9' Leg Sold Each
CC-02-BPPinnacle Base Plate

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