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Dri-Eaz - Flooring

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Part # Description
125470Airmover Velo
114969Airmover Velo Pro F505
114178Air Scrubber Defendair Hepa 500
104677Dehumidifier Drizair 1200
110128Dehumidifier LGR 2800I
108110Dehumidifier LGR 7000XLI
111995Dehumidifier Revolution LGR
125105Hepa 700 Air Scrubber
103614LGR 6000LI Dehumidifier F600
115471Pre-Filter 1st Stage F284 12/PK
113260Sto & Go Ducting 12" X 25'
124315-1Turbo Dryer Sahara Pro X4
116594Vortex Axial Fan
Part # Description
10378412-IN Duct Ring
F483 Speed Switch N/R
02-005829 Volt Battery
102563Blower Assembly
102564Blower Assembly 115 Volt

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