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Dri-Eaz - Flooring

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Part # Description
125470Airmover Velo
114178Air Scrubber Defendair Hepa 500
104677Dehumidifier Drizair 1200
110128Dehumidifier LGR 2800I
108110Dehumidifier LGR 7000XLI
111995Dehumidifier Revolution LGR
115471Pre-Filter 1st Stage F284 12/PK
113260Sto & Go Ducting 12" X 25'
124315-1Turbo Dryer Sahara Pro X4
116594Vortex Axial Fan
Part # Description
10378412-IN Duct Ring
F483 Speed Switch N/R
02-005829 Volt Battery
102563Blower Assembly
102564Blower Assembly 115 Volt
08-00217Blower Assembly 230 Volt
122846Blower Retro Fit Kit
109724Capacitor, 5MFD

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