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Part # Description
64B-406Anti-Kickback Pawl
JPS10TSR-AKPAAnti-Kickback Pawl Assemb
PM3000-AKPAAnti-Kickback Pawl Assy
JPS10TSR-365Anti-Kickback Pawl Bracke
C0509Anti-Vandal Switch
JSM4341-36Anvil 1/2-IN
JSM4072-27Anvil (1/4-IN)
JSM4540-36Anvil (3/4-IN)
JSM4140-36Anvil 3/8-IN
29-0017Anvil Bushing
JSM4072-32Anvil Bushing
JSM4140-25Anvil Bushing
JSM4343-25Anvil Bushing
JSM4540-25Anvil Bushing
33-4001L-00CPApron Assy Complete
C6266C06101Apron Casting
L3301Apron Casting (TL1340/TL1236)
5512780Apsg-3A820 Spindle & Motor
5514668Apsg Halogen Bulb - WRK LGHT

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