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Jet Equipment - Air Tools

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Part # Description
PTX2748-033AU-Packing 26 X 18 X 5MM
PTX2748-045AU-Packing 32 X 40 X 6MM
1AEH-3C-74U-Packing 35X22X7MM
JTX2748-045AU-Packing 35 X 45 X 6MM
3AEH-3C-74U-Packing 45X28X7MM
UKSNPUpgrade Kit Supernova Premium
UKSNSUpgrade Kit Supernova Standard
PH24-5Upper Air Hammer Clamp
PH24T-13-26Upper Anvil
JWBS14DP-1Upper Arm Frame
PM2700-350Upper Bushing
C6140W05504Upper Cover
HVBS710S-72Upper Disc
JWBS10OS-7Upper Door
PM1800-113Upper Door
5230361Upper Feed Gear Shaft
JRD700-284Upper Feed Gear Shaft 7020
JWBS16B-139Upper Front Door
JWBS18DXA-139Upper Front Door
JWBS20QT-539Upper Front Door

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