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Jet Equipment - Air Tools

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Part # Description
308965701-C-1080 High Drum
308965601-G-1149 Base
308965501-G-387 Drum
JNS4031-0501GEAR Frame
908552101 Rev Drum Switch
JJ12-11202-11 Bracket
628894202A3 Spring 38D X 3.8 #C-80
628921302A-4 Cover Roller Housing
628921402A-5 Screw
14501-13#0-2 Semi Fin Forging (2-40)
6286133#02 Upper Housing Bracket (LH)
628912103A1 Supporter Roller
628894403A2 Sprocket
628912203A-3 Washer Spring
628912303A-4 Screw M6 X 16L
628896003A-5 Lock Washer 5/16
628912403A-6 Bolt M8 X 35L
14545-13#0-3 Semi Fin Forging (3-40)
6286134#03 Upper Housing Bracket (RH)
20201-20#0 - 40 CLP Frame

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