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Part # Description
CANCVR-33-BLKKwik Can Cover Black 33 GAL 50/BX
CANCVR-BLKKwik Can Cover Black 55 GAL 50/BX
CANCVR-33-WKwik Can Cover White 33 GAL 50/BX
CANCVR-WKwik Can Cover White 55 GAL 50/BX
3072PK-BKwik-Cover Blue 30X72 Retail 50/BX
3096PK-B-SINGLEKwik-Cover Blue 30X96
3096-BKwik-Cover Blue 30X96 100/BX
3096PK-BKwik-Cover Blue 30X96 Retail 50/BX
3096PK-BWKwik-Cover Blue Ginghm 30X96
3096PK-PINKKwik-Cover Pink 30X96 Retail 50/BX
3072PK-RKwik-Cover Red 30X72 Retail 50/BX
3096-RKwik-Cover Red 30X96 100/BX
3096PK-RKwik-Cover Red 30X96 50/BX
3072PK-RWKwik-Cover Red Gingham 30X72 50/BX
3096PK-RWKwik-Cover Red Gingham 30X96 50/BX
60PK-RW-SINGLEKwik-Cover Red Gingham 60" Round
60PK-RWKwik-Cover Red Ginghm 60 RND 50/BX
3072-WKwik-Cover White 30" X 72" 100/BX
3072PK-WKwik-Cover White 30X72 Retail
3096-WKwik-Cover White 30X96 100/BX

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