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Part # Description
540312Parts - Power Cord Set TP16/61
512092Parts - Power Cord SM TP;Warm;
513110Parts- Pusher Sno Cone
514076Parts - Red Top CM-4
581115Parts - Red Top CM-8
511414Parts-Right Door CP-6 Tinted
581414Parts-Right Door CP-8
513515Parts - Screw Cooler Handle
512201Parts - Set Of 5 (15AMP) Fuse
512501Parts - Side Glass ASSEMBLYTP1
511377Parts-Side Glass CP-6 Tinted
581407Parts-Side Glass CP-8 Tinted
560541Parts - Side Panel - Lge Warme
560041Parts - Side Panel - SM Warmer
528013Parts - SM Cart Wheels Yellow
512188Parts - SM Kettle Pin/Clip
513150Parts-Sno Cone Ballast
513373Parts -Sno Cone Front Panel
513376Parts -Sno Cone Side Panel Tinted
513151Parts-Sno Cone Starter

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