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Tamco - Air Tools

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Part # Description
APT-111Dry Seal Plug
APT-2111Dust Cap - Dry
F-815343Dust Excluder (RDCP9)
APT-868Elastic Stop Nut (Special)
Y10301190Exhaust Band AA0S
410470470Exhaust Band B-110 B90
410460470Exhaust Band RB90 RB91RB90D
Y30112200Exhaust Band Saw Tooth
Y10212260Exhaust Band THH-1B2B3B4B
430101P60Exhaust Cap TJ15
430301P90Exhaust Control Pin TS55
130803037Exhaust Control Spring TS55
67632Exhaust Control Valve Pin
67630Exhaust Control Valve Spring
430301P70Exhaust Control Valve TS55
67631Exhaust Control Valve Washer
131309020Exhaust Control Washer M-20
Y10223230Exhaust Cover Lower
Y10219220Exhaust Cover Upper
S842396Exhaust Deflector

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