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Tamco - Air Tools

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Part # Description
Y10298010Handle AA0S (H)/(R)
41060145DHandle Assy. (Incl. Sym. No.
APT-18072Handle Bare 133st
61101Handle Bare For 4197/4199
410601450Handle Bare T-6
Y10212010Handle (Bare) THH-1B2B3B4B
H80-67Handle Bolt Lock Washer
H3R-8Handle Bolt Nut
Y10430230Handle Bolt Nut M12 (TCH)
Y10430220Handle Bolt Spacer (TCH)
131503002Handle Bolt TJ15
131503006Handle Bolt TJ20
131503022Handle Bolt TS55
Y1021201AS0***Handle Complete
APT-7531Handle Complete 133
41047001DHandle Complete - B110 B90
Y1021901AHandle Complete Includes 1-10
241SR-A160Handle Complete IR241
41047101DHandle Complete - RB110D
41046001DHandle Complete - RB90-91

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