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Part # Description
SR-202L2-1/2 Solid Rubber Butt
SR-251S2-3/8-IN Solid Rubber Butt - 802
TOKUWHIP300-1/225 FT 1/2-IN MPT Swivel 1/2
TOKUWHIP-300QC25 FT 3/4-IN Whip Hose CP
SF-1239002MM (.078) X 5-IN Needle-
SF-1239012MM (.078) X 7-IN Needle-
SR-203T3-1/4-IN Solid Rubber Butt
SF-UB753/4-IN Barbed Universal Fitting
SF-UF753/4-IN Female Thread Universal
SF-UM753/4-IN Male Thread Universal
SF-UHC753/4-IN Universal Hose Clamp
SR-35253/4 X 2-3/8 Bench Rammer
SF-UF373/8-IN Female Thread
SF-UM373/8-IN Male Thread - Universal
SF-006003/8M X 1/2F Screened Air
SF-003003/8M X 1/4F Screened Air
SF-004003/8M X 3/8F Screened Air
TOKUWHIP-60-3/83/8 PT Swivel 60-IN Whip
SR-25153-IN Aluminum Body Rubber Tip
SR-2515CPAR3-IN Aluminum Rubber Butt/C.P.

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