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Tsurumi Pump - Pumps & Hoses

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Part # Description
TE2-50HACentrifugal Pump 2" GX120 Honda
TE3-80HACentrifugal Pump 3" GX160 Honda
TD6-200Diaphragm Pump 2" Honda GX120
EPT3-50HATrash Pump 2" GX160 Honda
EPT3-80HATrash Pump 3" GX240 Honda
Part # Description
501-0020-Ring TE2-50/80HA
W19-SCE2014P1-1/4' Needle Bearing W/S N/R
P498911 Tooth Pinion W/P4995
TP485414 Tooth Pinion TD4-2
1540054000020 Amp Circuit Breaker
521-038A2" Nipple
1540010500030 Amp Twist Receptacle
001-003-423CX16AWGX16 W/Float
P30413-IN Nipple
203100180Aluminum Washer
200900520Anti Vibration Rubber
15400108000Auto Throttle Switch
052-100-15Ball Bearing
052-101-16Ball Bearing
W16-3604Ball Bearing

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