CLS Series - Two Way Radios

  • UHF Business Band Operation (56 selectable UHF frequencies)
  • 38 analog and 83 digital interference eliminator codes
  • Keypad lock, 3 audible tones, VibraCall, Scan and VOX
  • Cloning capable (Multi-Unit Charger required)
  • Alkaline battery compatible (AA Battery Tray required, provides up to 10 hrs. of use)
  • Compatible with UHF XTN Series, and other Two-Way Radios on the same frequency & code
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PictureRadio UHF 1 Channel, 1 Watt 2 WayRadio UHF 4 Channel, 1 Watt 2 WayCharger CLS Multi-Unit 6 RadiosCLS Lithium Ion RechargeableEar Loop W/Press To Talk
Item #CLS1110CLS141056531HCNN4006AP4500M
DescriptionMotorola Wireless Radio UHF 1 Channel, 1 Watt 2 WayMotorola Wireless Radio UHF 4 Channel, 1 Watt 2 WayMotorola Wireless Charger CLS Multi-Unit 6 RadiosMotorola Wireless CLS Lithium Ion RechargeableMotorola Wireless Ear Loop W/Press To Talk
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