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Part # Description
12026750Ducting Hose 5" X 12'
13026445X100Hose, 1.5"X100' Bulk Discharge
12022506X100Hose, 1.5"X100' Bulk Suction
98128500Hose, 1.5"X20' Cam & Groove
98138012Hose, 1.5"X25' Cam & Groove
13026505X300Hose, 1.5"X300" Bulk Discharge
13026443X50Hose, 1.5"X50' Bulk Discharge
12022506X50Hose, 1.5"X50' Bulk Suction
12022501X50Hose, 1"X50' Bulk Suction
12023502X20Hose, 2.5"X20' Bulk Suction
13026479X50Hose, 3"X50' Bulk Discharge
98138074Hose, 4"X25' Cam & Groove
98138072Hose, 4"X25" Pin Lug Discharge
98138147Hose, 4"X50' Pin Lug Discharge
99023586Metal Hose Reel 50'
44055715Pin Lug Hose Fitting, 1IN Female
44055705Pin Lug Hose Fitting, 1IN Male
43105507P/L Spanner Wrench 1.5"
43106007P/L Spanner Wrench 2"
43106503P/L Spanner Wrench 2-1/2"

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