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Category: Surface Preparation

Part # Description
8710-92301STri-Clamp, 1-1/2" Spring Loaded
8710-98503Tri-Clamp O-Ring 1-1/2"
BU-88-VXBTTube, Breathing
4116-004Tubing; Polyethene 3/8-IN 6' Feet
5001-006Tungsten Nozzle #6
2149-000-13Tungston Carbide Sleeve
2149-000-11TV Base
2149-009-11TV Base For For T-Nipple
2149-300-11TV Base W/Clean Out Slot
2149-000-02TV Cap
2149-300-09TV Cylinder W/Clean Out Tap
2151-000TV Direct Down Carbide
2151-200TV Direct Down LG Bore Carbide
2149-850-19TV FLNG LG Bore Split Base Gasket
2152-000-11Tvii Base; 1-1/2-IN NPT
2152-000-15Tvii Base; 1-1/4-IN NPT
2152-000-19Tvii Base; 1-IN NPT
2152-000-14Tvii Body With Sleeve Pin
2152-000-17Tvii Breather Vent; 1/8-IN NPT
2152-000-16Tvii Cap Gasket 10PK

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