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Axxiom MFG - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
2152-000-02Tvii Cap Plate
2152-000-09Tvii Cylinder
2152-307-15Tvii Direct Down Base 1-1/4-IN
2152-000-01Tvii Knob
2152-500-13Tvii Large Bore TC Sleeve
2152-000-18Tvii O-Ring; Spring Retainer 10PK
2152-000-05Tvii Piston
2152-000-10Tvii Seat
2152-200-13Tvii Sleeve Carbide 2-Stage Slot
2152-320-20Tvii Sleeve Multi-Port SS
2152-320-21Tvii Sleeve Multi-Port SS;Range II
2152-000-13Tvii Sleeve Tungsten Carbide
2152-000-03Tvii Spring
2152-000-12Tvii Spring Retainer
2152-000-07Tvii Tungsten Carbide Plunger
2152-100-13Tvii Urethane Sleeve
2152-000-25Tvii Vibration Disc
2149-000-01TV Knob
2149-500-09TV LG. Bore Cylinder
2149-500-14TV LG Bore Insert

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