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Part # Description
B135318Rock & Frost Adapter
B069930Sprocket Collar
B183469Square Idler Shaft 1-1/8"
SC214Stump Cutter Bolt SHCS 5/8-18X2-1/4
B700GTStump Cutter Tooth Badger 700
T165404LTerminator Adapter
B03632-LTerminator Adapter Left Hand
T20005LTerminator Adapter Left Hand
T20006LTerminator Adapter Left Hand 6" Cut
T20004LTerminator Adapter Left Hand CC
T165404RTerminator Adapter Right
B03632-RTerminator Adapter Right Hand
T20005RTerminator Adapter Right Hand
T20006RTerminator Adapter Right Hand 6"
T20004RTerminator Adapter Right Hand CC
B700LHTooth Holder Badger 700, Left
B700RHTooth Holder Badger 700, Right

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