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Part # Description
P7419YBUClevis Pin 1/2-IN X 3-IN Box (2)
P7416YBUClevis Pin 1/2' X 2-1/2-IN Box (2)
P7411Clevis Pin 1/4-IN X 2-IN
P7411ZDUClevis Pin 1/4-IN X 2-IN Bag (4)
P7411YDUClevis Pin 1/4-INX2-IN Box (4)
P7712YBUClevis Pin 2-IN Useable Box (2)
P7421Clevis Pin 3/4-IN X 3-IN
P7421ZBUClevis Pin 3/4-IN X 3-IN Bag (2)
P7421YAUClevis Pin 3/4-IN X 3-IN Box (1)
P7413ZBUClevis Pin 3/8-IN X 2-IN Bag (2)
P7413YBUClevis Pin 3/8-IN X 2-IN Box (2)
P7412Clevis Pin 5/16-IN X 2-IN
P7412ZDUClevis Pin 5/16-IN X 2-IN Bag (4)
P7412YCUClevis Pin 5/16-INX2-IN Box (3)
P7420Clevis Pin 5/8-IN X 3-IN
P7420ZBUClevis Pin 5/8-IN X 3-IN Bag (2)
P7420YBUClevis Pin 5/8-IN X 3-IN Box (2)
P7417Clevis Pin 7/16-IN X 2-1/2-IN
P7417YCUClevis Pin 7/16-IN X 2-1/2-IN
P7417ZBUClevis Pin 7/16-IN X 2-1/2-IN Bag

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