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Part # Description
576227301Aerator Link Arm; DK Blue
577122561Aerator Rotor Assembly Kit
576226901Arm; Depth Adj 424; DK Blue
539005121Arm Mounting Idler Pulley
539030129Arm; Spring
539109742Arm Weldment; LH Blue
576230101Arm Weldment; LH; DK Blue
510367501Arm Weldment; LH; Orange
539109740Arm Weldment; RH Blue
576230001Arm Weldment; RH; DK Blue
510367401Arm Weldment; RH; Orange
576227401Axle; Aerator; DK Blue
539009125Axle Agitator W/Screw
539020085Axle Assembly
539094554Axle Assy 46/86/C200/C300
539005235Axle Front Wheel
539007410Axle Kit

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