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Bullard Abrasives Inc - Power Tools

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Part # Description
L115040ZFlap Discs 4-1/2-INX7/8-IN 40G
L115H40ZFlap Discs 4-1/2-INX7/8-IN 40G
36626Flap Discs 4-1/2-INX7/8-IN 60G
L115060ZFlap Discs 4-1/2-INX7/8-IN 60G
L115080ZFlap Discs 4-1/2-INX7/8-IN 80G
L115H80ZFlap Discs 4-1/2-INX7/8-IN 80G
13024Green Silicon Carbide Blade
13624Green Silicon Carbide Blade
28469Grinding Wheel Metal Type 27
28569Grinding Wheel Metal Type 27
28669Grinding Wheel Metal Type 27
24469Metal Blade 4-1/2X1/4X7/8 BX/25
01772Sand Scren 100 BX/25 4-1/2-INX15-IN
28436Wheel 4 1/2X1/8X5/8-11MAS Box/10
24437Wheel 4 1/2X1/8X7/8 Metal Box/25
20766Wheel 7X1/4X7/8 Masonry Box/25
22766Wheel 7X1/4X7/8 Masonry Box/25
26968Wheel 9X1/4X5/8-11 Masonry Box/10
26936Wheel 9X1/8X5/8-11 Masonr Box/10

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