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Part # Description
360701115000Replacement Felt Pad 15IN
XBN35Replacement Nut, Cateraide
3613511Riser Plastic
670724Screws F/UC194023 Leg
361200G22/5NScrub-Grit II W/Riser 5/8"
361600G22/5NScrub-Grit II W/Riser 5/8"
755144Stainless Steel Front Cover
755244Stainless Steel Sidecover
670725Swivel Caster F/UC194023
1086003Textured Lid, Black
LD112VCVent Cap Assembly F/Cateraides
F72216Washer 1/2IN
F72215Washer Base Nut
3672215Washer Nut
XT2550GAXT Oring Gasket White
Part # Description
RG16/616-Compartment Glass Rack BX/6
RG16-21416-Compartment Glass Racks W/2
RG49-41449-Compartment Glass Racks W/4
RG9-3149-Compartment Glass Racks W/3
754703Bar Top Replacement, Black

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