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Part # Description
RE16-1416 Compartment Extender 6/PK Blue
609650EClutter Buster Large
RF14Combination/Flatware Rack 6/BX
RE36Compartment Divided Extender 6/BX
84104504Container 44 Gallon Yellow Lid
ADDC07Cover Vinyl Optmizer Clear
ADDD03Divider Optimizer Dolly, Black
84103323Lid Waste Container 32 Gallon Grey
RW20-114Newave 20-Compartment Glass Racks
ADS403Optimizer Adjustable Dolly W/4
601825Sheet Pan Full Size 18 Ga.
84103223Waste Container 32 Gallon Grey
84104404Waste Container 44 Gallon Yellow
84104404-KWaste Container 44 Gallon Yellow W/
84105523Waste Container 55 Gallon Grey
84105523-KWaste Container 55 Gallon Grey
84105623Waste Container 55 Gallon Grey Lid
Part # Description
RG16/616-Compartment Glass Rack BX/6
RG16-21416-Compartment Glass Racks W/2
RG49-41449-Compartment Glass Racks W/4

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