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Part # Description
03015MFMA5050Tent Top 30X15 Mid Section
ACBAGBTent Top Bag F/20' & 30' Wide Tops
2AST126Tube Pole Single 10'6" X 2" Green
2AST80Tube Pole Single 6'8" X 2" Brown
2AST112Tube Pole Single 9'4" X 2" White
Part # Description
ACMDAP3.6123753' 6" Aluminum Insert W/6" Swage
CC-01-CORCorner Fitting
CC-20CCross Cable Each
ACHDAP1I35Insert 1FT With Swage, 18IN Overall
ACPHP00Pin Hole Patch 4 OZ White
CC-PPPole Pin (J)
HWPPD157SPush Pin D-157S .312 Dia. Double
ACRA1007BRatchet Assembly Bottom 1" X 48"
AC-05S-GRRatchet Strap 5' Buckle End 2"
CCAST9ISpreader Inserts
HWOP06STD Aluminum Oval Carabiner
716177Table Feet 3/4" 25/PK Celina
989886Table Feet 3/4" 25/PK Celina
ACRK-WHTent Repair Kit 'White'
ACHH664OZVinyl Cement 4OZ

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