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Part # Description
CV2620-SVPatio Heater Silver Veined Propane
Part # Description
ZBM-2130Caster 4 IN New Style
ZCV-2250Caster 4", W/Brake, Expander, Old
ZCV-2216HDCaster 5" W Brake. Heavy Duty, MCB
ZCV-2216Caster 5" W Brake, MCB 30-48 & PF'S
ZCV-2216-KCaster Assembly
ZPH-BURNERHEAD/2650Complete Burner Head F/2650
ZCV-4025Grease Tray, MCB-48
ZCV-6025Grease Tray, MCB-60 1 Tray
ZPH-GROMMETGrommet, Heater
ZCV-2105Handle 18", RD,MCB, PF-1
ZPH-PCR/2650Heater Dome
ZCV-NGH05Hose, 1/2"X10', With Q.D. Set,
ZCV-NGH075Hose, 3/4"X 10' With Q.D. Set,
ZPH-2650-16LPHOSEHose Regulator Set
ZBM-5165Leg, Tubular, Painted Steel, Black,
ZCV-6032-KLighter Tube, L/H 30/60 W HDWR
ZCV-6033-BI-KLighter Tube, R/H 30/60 W HDWR
ZCV-6033-BILighter Tube, R/H-60 (Front Light

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