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Deweze Industries Inc - Lawn & Garden

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Part # Description
9001041.188-IN Spacer W/Hole
9001031.188-IN Spacer Wo/Hole
9001021.375-IN Spacer
9150521.5-IN Grate Weldment
5102411" Q.D Bushing
9151433 Point Mount Assembly
9150773 Point Pin Sub Assembly
9000753 PT Plate Stiffener
9720025-IN Flange Assembly TV60E
915072.5-IN Grate Weldment
900106.615-IN Spacer W/Hole
900105.615-IN Spacer Wo/Hole
9400286-IN Hose Clamp
915070.75-IN Grate Weldment
9150037 Finger Grate
9100147 Finger Grate Guide
910283Access Door
970001Access Panel Mounting Bracket
110177Acme Thread; 3/4-IN
935014Actuator Assy; Addco

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