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Deweze Industries Inc - Lawn & Garden

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Part # Description
902125Swivel Assy
910662Table Guard
915064Tank Box Weldment
110293Tape; 1-Sided; 1/8-IN X 1/2-IN
940007Taper Lock Bush,1210 X 1-Inik
940021Taper Lock Bush(1610X1-Inik)
940112Taper Lock Bushing(1610X1.5-IN)
940033Tensioner Arm
942041Tensioner; Love Joy;SE18
915159Tensioner Weldment
910213Tension Mount Washer
113003Terminal; 2-Way Line Connector
132005Terminal; 6 Position Amp Plug
130040Terminal; Barrel Lug; 2GA 5/16
130037Terminal; Barrel Lug; 8GA;5/16
132045Terminal; Butt Connector Heat
132034Terminal; Female
130022Terminal; Male F/Ins Push On
132038Terminal; Male Pin

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