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Deweze Industries Inc - Lawn & Garden

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Part # Description
975602Blower Housing Weldment
900050Blower Impeller Shaft
972010Blower Liner .25 HD Uhmw
970161Blower Liner Retainer
970162Blower Liner Retainer
972009Blower Liner Use 972010
900074Blower Paddle
900060Blower Paddles; Pto
970016Blower Panel Access Door
970014Blower Safety Door
940041Blower Shaft
970023Blower Shaft (TV-60E)
970287Blower Shaft W/O Brake
975618Blower Support Weldment
915022Blower Trough Assembly
915118Blower Trough Assy
915034Blower Trough Assy 3 PT
915021Blower Trough Front
110357Bolt; 10-24 X 1.25; SHCS
110699Bolt; 10-24 X .25 RND HD;Slot

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