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Part # Description
6050250Ignition Coil
6060367Ignition Coil
6078495Inline PRCD 110V W/O Plug
6060164Inner Filter
6060464Inner Filter
6048008Inner Flange
6078475Inner Flange 1"
2709143Input Gear
6060008Insert For Suction Hose
6078413Insulation Plate
2700683Int. Suppr. Capacitor
JOINTPRO-50Joint Protectors 50/PK
6010169Key 1/4" SQ. X 1-1/4"
6040081Key, 1/4" SQ. X 3/4" Long
2700082Keyed Washer
2501836Key Woodruff
6050303Kit Choke Shaft/ Contact Spring
2400169Knob Gasket

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