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Elk River, Inc. - Welding

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Part # Description
17450Carabiner 1/2" Gate Opening 30KN
62313Eaglelite Harness Large
62312Eaglelite Harness Medium
62311Eaglelite Harness Small
62314Eaglelite Harness XL
05513Fall Protection Kit
05593Fall Protection Kit M-XL
55393Freedom Vest Harness Orange
55394Freedom Vest Harness Safety Green
88000Harness Bag For Kits
48103Harness Construction Plus 1-D S-XL
48113Harness Construction Plus 1-D S-XL
48303Harness Construction Plus 3-D S-XL
48112Harness MB Attached 4' Nopac/1D/LP
35326Lanyard 1-1/2" X 6' No-Pac Lanyard
29023Lanyard 36"
36263Lanyard 36" Shock Absorbing
34406Lanyard Adjustable 5/8" X 6'
35386Lanyard Nopac Ea 6' Rebar
21930Panther SRL 3/16IN X 30FT/Gac/Fall

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