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Part # Description
50327Arbor Blade Cap 5-IN; SS-35/65 Mod.
57403Arbor Blade Cap 5-IN; SS-35/65 New
65071Arbor Blade Cap 6-IN; CPM-8
64303Arbor Blade Cap 6-IN; Cpu-10-C
57405Arbor Blade Cap 6-IN; SS-35/65 New
57048Arbor Blade Cap 6-IN; SS-65 Old
57252Arbor Blade Cap; SS65PC
57253Arbor Blade Pin; 3/8 X 6-13/16
56019Arbor; Blade Retaining Cap 3-1/2-IN
80005Arbor; Blade Retaining Cap 3/4-Inho
56025Arbor; Blade Retaining Cap 4-Inod
51415Arbor Blade Retaining Cap 5-IN ;
50326Arbor; Blade Retaining Cap 5-IN
40023Arbor; Blade Retaining Cap; Masonry
40410Arbor; Blade Retaining Cap MEO14;
57503Arbor Blade Spacer; 5 X 1-13/16
57504Arbor Blade Spacer; 5 X 1-7/16
51283Arbor Cap W. Ext.Pin; SS20 Special
65070Arbor; Diamond Grooving Head;CPM-8
64302Arbor; Diamond Grooving Head;Cpu-10

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