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Erickson MFG LTD - Trailer & Towing

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Part # Description
0671215-IN Heavy Duty Tarp Strap
0670215-IN Tarp Strap
0101315-IN X 15-IN Cargo Net
513301.5-IN X 15' Ratchet Strap 4000 LB.
0101615-IN X 30-IN Cargo Net
5913318-IN Aluminum O-Track W/ 2 Clips
0691818-IN Flat Bungey Cord
0913318-IN 'O'-Track W/ 2 Clip Rings
052901/8-IN X 500' Replacement Bungey
09510(1) Black Tow Hook W/ Keeper 1000
09509(1) Chrome Tow Hook W/ Keeper
040031-IN Brass Drain Plug T Style
040041-IN Brass Drain Tube 25MM
040051-IN Brass Drain Tube Flip Handle
011001-IN X 10' Cam Buckle Strap 300 LB.
511001-IN X 10' Cam Strap 300 LB. Red
026001-IN X 10' Lash Strap W/ Cam
513021-IN X 10' Ratchet / Come Along
513311-IN X 10' Tape Ratchet 900 LB.
526001-IN X 10' Utility Lash Strap

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