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Part # Description
FBAL-AB-LAxle Box Left
E-21-3-HRCaster, 3-IN Swivel, Hard Rubber
ED-L23-4HRCaster,4IN Replacement E-Dolly
LC84Caster 8" Heavy Duty 1 1/4" Stem
755785Caster 8" Heavy Duty 1-1/4" Stem
755784Caster 8" Heavy Duty 1 3/8" Stem
LC82Caster 8" Heavy Duty 1 3/8" Stem
E-23-3-HRCaster F/T-26-1830-3HR
1730818EFBALFbal-18 Solid Nose Plate
409-30-HDL-BOXEDHandle F/V28-3060-409-RT
E-FF-10Handtruck Tire
INSERTInsert; Red
FBAL-14-N1Plate, Nose 14-IN
FBAL-18-N3Plate, Nose 18-IN, Solid
FBAL-18-N2Plate, Nose 18-IN, Two Holes
1740008Poplar Deck

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