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Part # Description
593-60140-00Carburetor, Subaru
660-0860Case; Manual; Operator
310-0121Case; Trans; 10 Bolt
310-0121-ACase; Trans. Assembly N/R
240-0120Case, Transmission
210-0120Case; Transmission
345-0120Case; Transmission
471-0130Chain; Clamping
671-0060Chain; Drive; Asa 60H
671-0070Chain; Drive; Asa D60
550-0320Chain; Drive Shaft
550-0350Chain; Idler
550-0300Chain; Primary
660-0470Chain; Safety
550-0510Chain; Safety; W/-Ins-IN Hook
550-0310Chain; Secondary
550-0570Chain; Tie-Down; 20-IN
MDF15-1200Chisel; 1-IN
MDF35-1200Chisel; 1-IN
MDF15-1300Chisel; 2-IN

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