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Part # Description
DSP23Outer Leg W/Velcro
ALP38Peak Pole Lower, Aluminum Frame
CLP38Peak Pole Lower, Steel Frame
ALP31Peak Pole W/Dome Cap
CLP31Peak Pole With Dome Cap, Steel
ALP51Pull Pin Slider
CLP51Pull Pin Slider F/Steel Frame
CLP48Slider BRACKET2 Way/Ring,Spindle,
ALP50Slider Bracket Mid Leg 10X20
CL59Truss Bar
ALP59Truss Bar F/10,15&20 Alum. Frame
CLP59Truss Bar F/10',15&,20',Steel Frame
CLP59GTruss Bar F/10',15&,20',Steel Frame
CLP01Truss Cap
DSP01Truss Cap F/DS Frame
CLP61Truss Cap (Upper & Lower), Steel
DSP18Two Way Outer Leg Bracket
DSP48Two Way Outer Leg Slider Leg
CLP28Upper Peak Bracket (4-Way), Steel
CL29Upper Peak Pole Bracket

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