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J Lin Corporation - Concrete

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Part # Description
HM010Casing W/Core 10' F/2" Head
HM006Casing W/Core 6' F/2" Head
HM300CHConcrete Vibrator Power Head
HM1010Core/Casing 10' For 1" Heads
HM1006Core/Casing 6' For 1" Heads
PR400SHPower Screed Single Handle
AL110Screed Bar 10' Aluminum
AL112Screed Bar 12' Aluminum 3"X5"
AL114Screed Bar 14' Aluminum 3"X5"
LB108Screed Bar 8' Light Profile 3"X5"
HM100Vibrator Head 1" X 12"
HM212Vibrator Head 2" X 12"
Part # Description
HM30317IN Drive Cable
MV71Adjuster Screw
GB1030Clutch Drum 3/4" Round
PR327Control Assy, 4IN
PR110Drive Cable
P116Drive End Adaptor

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