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J Lin Corporation - Concrete

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Part # Description
HM010Casing W/Core 10' F/2" Head
HM006Casing W/Core 6' F/2" Head
HM300CHConcrete Vibrator Power Head
HM1010Core/Casing 10' For 1" Heads
HM1006Core/Casing 6' For 1" Heads
PR400SHPower Screed Single Handle
AL110Screed Bar 10' Aluminum
AL112Screed Bar 12' Aluminum 3"X5"
HM100Vibrator Head 1" X 12"
HM212Vibrator Head 2" X 12"
Part # Description
HM30317IN Drive Cable
MV71Adjuster Screw
GB1030Clutch Drum 3/4" Round
PR325-MTControl Assy Plastic Lever
PR110Drive Cable
P116Drive End Adaptor
MV240Eccentric Weight
P117End Adaptor

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