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Part # Description
7001137712.5 X 15 Pneu Assy (STR Tread
27069100011-2 Arm Cylinder Gasket Kit
368688J01 - 2 Arm Transmission
368688D51? - 2? Arm Transmission
371286A71? - 2? Arm Transmission
711970012FT Truss Boom
902004901/2 IN Cable Wedge
1016629812-IN Diam Auger Bit
886641712-IN Diam Auger Bit
275384612SE;M3KXTF.38X414.00 STRXSTR
7001230412V Agm 600 Cca Battery
7004572112V Coil Dual Lead Diode
POW000112V DC Powerpack Complete
PTH05112V DC Powerpack Complete
7004453112VDC Proportional Valve
7004609212V Electric Horn
7002214712 Volt DC Coil
SOL002012V Powerpack Solenoid
SOL001812V Powerpack Solenoid C/W Val
7040020312V Relay

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