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JPW Industries Inc - Material Handling

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Part # Description
PTWB068Wheel Frame
WH45-40Wheel Handle
JTM1055-V36Wheel HNDL JTM-1055
SLT1650H-32Wheel Holder
JTM1055-V37Wheel JTM-1055
PH24-2Wheel Leg
PH24T-2Wheel Leg
PTWA220Wheel Load Frame
PH24-41Wheel Shaft
PT1636J-046AWheel Shaft
PT2036-3-30Wheel Shaft
PT2748A-046AWheel Shaft
JTX2748-052AWheel Shaft 25 X 175MM
PTX2748-052AWheel Shaft 25 X 175MM
SLT1650H-33Wheel Shaft Holder
5518230NWheel Shaft (J-341
L90-202HIWheel Side Plate 15/20T
S90-050-20Wheel Side Plate Assbly (0.5T)
S90-150-20Wheel Side Plate Assbly (1.5;3T)
S90-100-20Wheel Side Plate Assbly (1T)

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