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Kushlan Products LLC - Concrete

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Part # Description
91-KUSHLANJack Shaft
015Jackshaft Assy F/Honda Engine
35-9Jackshaft Ball Bearings Sold Each
063508-013Jackshaft Bearing Assembly/Housing
013-350W&PJackshaft Housing Complete
60-8Jackshaft Housing W/9/16" Bearings
20083-5Jackshaft Taper End W/Ball Bearing
35-7Jackshaft W/ Pinion
60-7Jackshaft W/Pinion Threaded 9/16IN
10057-005Key, 3/16-IN Square
350-46Label, Mixing Instructions F/350-SB
23266-002Locking Collar 1-IN
28873-014Locking Collar 3/4-IN
28873-012Locking Collar 5/8-IN
DDMA-33Manual Reset Thermal Switch
600DD-20Mixing Blade
DD600-20Mixing Blade
60-18Mixing Blades F/600W Sold Each
350DD-20Mixing Blade Sold Each
28872-003Motor 3/4 HP

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