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Little Beaver Inc - Drilling & Boring

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Part # Description
10305Washer; Flat Sae; 5/16
30157Washer; Lock; 1/2 Internal Star
35312Washer; Lock; 1/2 PLTD.
3012-3Washer; Lock; 3/8 PLTD.
30174-DWasher; Neoprene; 1/4; Dowty
30174Washer; Neoprene; 3/8
30188Washer; Pushnut Locking
20007Washer; Split Thrust
20012Washer; Split Thrust
36221Washer; Thrust; 1/32
36223Washer; Thrust; 3/32
8048Washer; Thrust; 5/8
20022-2Water Drill Bit; 2-IN
20022-3Water Drill Bit; 3-IN
20022-4Water Drill Bit; 4-IN
20000Water Swivel Assy.
20000-1Water Swivel Repair Kit
KT211Weldment; Handle; No Grips
KT1212Weldment; Height Adjustment BKT
KT212Weldment; Skirt Frame; 24-IN W

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