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Part # Description
326313-4Adjust Screw; XCU07
327317-9Adjust Screw; XCU08
326267-5Adjust Shaft; AN635H
3220736Adjust Sleeve 6805BV
4150530Adjust Sleeve 6820V
4214453Adjust Sleeve Cover 6820V-T2
3419286Adjust Washer 2708
341518-5Adjust Washer 2711
424572-5Air Boot; EA3601F
4158790Air Cap 4304T
2263261000Air Cleaner Assembly: EW200R
2693260100Air Cleaner Assy: EW210TR
2343260410Air Cleaner Assy: EW300TR
2343262410Air Cleaner Assy: EW300TR
2703260100Air Cleaner Assy.: EW310TR
2243261110Air Cleaner Assy.: EW400TR
2243261120Air Cleaner Ass'Y; EW400TR
2843263000Air Cleaner Assy: G1100
2633260100Air Cleaner Assy: G12000R
2263263900Air Cleaner Assy: G1300R

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