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Makita Usa - Power Tools

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Part # Description
21320390 Ring 14 6812
213488-70-Ring 32 AF502
265A91-610-32 X 1-1/4-IN S.H Cap Screw;
KF0000003110.8V Battery Holder Set; DCM501
10TT41X5-MHA10 Gallon Wheelbarrow Tank,
E-0005010" Guide Bar, 3/8"
095002310-IN Wheel MAC3000
122700A71-1/2-IN Black Cap On Frame
251198A125 Cup Point Screw Quad-Drivr
BLOCKALUMN1/21/2-IN Aluminum Block; MAC5501G
BV1/2MF1/2-IN Ball Valve; MAC5501G
763602-01/2-IN Collet Chuck 3601B
044003912-IN Flywheel MAC3000
TU-20-AL1/2-IN X20-IN Aluminum Finned
KW0000050512.Ov DC Motor
32534161112 Protection Hood: DPC6410
629641-912VDC Motor 6011D
KW0000051014.4V DC Motor
B-6967414" Diamond Blade
E-0171914" Diamond Blade

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