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McCourt MFG - Party

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Part # Description
CP-1COV1123Canvas Storage Cover
CP-10KC0428Chillin Kwik Cover
CP-5003-WHClips For CP-7006-WH
CP-7006-WHSkirt For 1LCT0516
1FNC8765Table Fill N Chill Black
1FNC7765Table Fill N Chill White
Part # Description
CP-99LC1016Feet F/Chillin Table 4/Pack
CP-99DE8041Replacement Corner Black
CP-99DE1041Replacement Corner White
CP-99DA9768Replacement Drain Assemblies
CP-99DC9700Replacement Drain End Cap Each
CP-99DE8040Replacement T Black
CP-99DE1040Replacement T White
CP-10SO5567Shut Off Valve
1CP87622Skirting Clips Black 20/BX
1CP87623Skirting Clips Black Sold Each
1CP77622Skirting Clips White 20/BX
1CP77623Skirting Clips White Sold Each
Part # Description
CP-7002-BKSkirting F/Fill N' Chill Black
CP-7003-BKSkirting F/Fill N' Chill Black

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