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Part # Description
23-94-5364Terminal(630912001)& Wire Assy
23-94-5365Terminal(630912001)& Wire Assy
22-56-0475Terminal Block 500WP/2 Poles
22-56-1376Terminal Block Assy
31-12-0057Terminal Cap
42-70-1125Terminal Nut
22-56-2750Terninal Block Cover
22-56-0165Tether Assembly- B
22-56-0164Tether Assembly- T
22-56-0008Tether Clasp
31-94-0022Throttle Housing Kit
02-80-1820Thrust Bearing
02-80-5380Thrust Bearing/5380-21
42-76-1000Thrust Collar
42-76-0095Thrust Collar/5263-21
45-88-0246Thrust Washer
45-88-3130Thrust Washer

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