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Category: Dry Wall Materials

Part # Description
138-2Drywall Panel Lift
154-00Panel Lift 18" Extension
186-00Panel Lift Extension 6'
117Panel Lift Storage & Transport
Part # Description
54-036" Caster W/ Fasteners
3-037/8-IN Steel Winch Bushing
1-17ASM,Complete Mounting Head
4-12Backstop Fiber Washer W/Fasteners
4-03Backstop Tip (6PK)
1-04Body, Cross Arm
3-04Bolt W/ Nut And Washers 1/2"
22-14Brake Caster
3-08Brake Handle Cover (6PK)
3-09Brake Hub W/Bolts
3-02Bronze Flange Bearing For Winch
2-05Cable 13.5'X1/8-IN W/Steel Sleeve &
186-03Cable, Aircraft 17-1/3" X1/8"
34-02Cable For Model 182

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