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Part # Description
154075Interlock Hub 2" Hex
154073Interlock Hub 2" Round
623064Link Arm - 45MM CS Series
610826Mini Excavator Mount Universal
135089Pilot Bit Tri Flow Hard Faced
135088Pilot Bit Tri Flow Triflow 350
1100Pilot Bolt 4"
174448Pilot Bolt 4"
137290Replacement Head 4" F/137293
137291Replacement Head 6" F/137294
137292Replacement Head 8" F/137295
137601Rubber Lock 48"
132135Screw Bit 2-1/2" Carbide SB-25C
131740Screw Bit 2-1/2" Standard SB-25
136809Screw Bit 3-1/2", 1-1/4"SQ SB-35
135090Screw Bit Tri Flow Carbide
661318Skid Steer Mount Long Reach
623061Skid Steer Mount Universal
134501Tooth 40/50
134519Tooth 40/50 Carbide

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