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Part # Description
HA6Adapter- 1-1/4-IN To 3/4-IN
HA7Adaptor 1 1/4 MPT X 1 - 1/2 FPT
TC2120-P2Air Volume Control Kit Jets
FPE238-2-P2Air Volume Control Kit Submersible
TCU238-5BAir Volume Control PKG
FPW73-15-P2Basin 18 X 30 Sewage
FPW73-20-P2Basin Sump Lid
M256Brush Kit
TC2171BULKCable Protector-Bulk
673-024Ceramic Seal
TC2507LF-P2Check Valve 1-1/2-IN Brass; Lead-
TC2507PCheck Valve 1-1/2-Inplastic
TC2505LF-P2Check Valve 1-1/4-IN Brass; Lead-
TC2505PCheck Valve 1-1/4-Inplastic
TC2502LF-P2Check Valve 1-IN Brass; Lead-Free
TC2502PCheck Valve 1-IN Plastic
FPU212-36LF-P2Check Valve 2-IN Brass; Lead-Free
TC2506Check Valve 3/4-IN
TC2506PCheck Valve 3/4-IN Plastic
FP26-6BULKCheck Valve-Bulk Packaged

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