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Part # Description
3252GYOSHitch Side Arm
3283GYHitch Side Arm
4263GLever Link
4240GLever Link Bar
4264GLinkage Bar
3728Nipple, 3/8 X 1/4
3719Nozzle 2.5 Brown
4232Oilite Bushing
1765Pinion Gear
1772Pinion Pawl F/ 3/8IN Shaft
1716Pinion Pawl F/ 7/16IN Shaft
4201GYPlug Tine
4201GPlug Tines 420LG
3685Pump 1.8 GPM Pump With Gauge
3655Pump 1 GPM Without Switch
3656Pump 1 GPM With Switch
3609Pump Motor, Electric

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